Epayitonline is an online web-based portal service that is provided by data media associates. This
service helps users with the trouble of their medical payments by revolutionising on how patients
all over the world pay their medical bills thus making it much more convenient and useful for
everybody. This service is a completely secure, private, and fast web portal which is very easy to
use. Therefore, making payment of medical bills no longer a hassle and can be done from the
comfort of your homes.

There are currently a lot of medical health providers registered with the service provided by
epayitonline. The only requirements are that you need a code id to use this portal.


  • Users are required to have the access code and code id. These two numbers can be found  on your statement and help you to login to use them.
  • Users are required to visit the website homepage of epayitonline
  • Once on the homepage, you are immediately prompted to log in
  • You are required to enter your access number and code id and click submit
  • While paying bills, users will be asked information such as address, account number, pincode
  • You will be taken to the epayitone dashboard
  • You can now view account information, bills and pay these bills


In case any user needs help with a refund, they will be required to visit the official website of
epayitonline, from which they will have to select the refund option on the top right corner. You
will be getting access to the refund page.

This refund policy will describe how epayitonline treat all their exchanges and refunds for the
services used.

All the refunds can be used when your payment is more than the charge for all dates of the

There are no exchanges available since there is no shipping, delivery or any other service
provided by epayitonline.


  • Users have the complete freedom to choose a statement which is entirely electronic.
  • Users have the convenience to change and update their account information.
  • Users have the complete advantage of this recurring payment service
  • Users also have the freedom to print their receipts as and when they require
  • This service is available at no cost. No external charges will be added.
  • Users for further help can seek the epayitonline website for any other customer queries.

This portal makes the process of medical payments extremely easy. No need to wait for long
hours standing in long lines. There is also the unique advantage of paying medical bills anywhere
and anytime and from the comfort of your home.

There is no requirement for users to create an account which makes epayitonline that much
easier and efficient. While making use of this system patients will not anymore need to queue up
for hours. The advantage of flexibility to be able to pay medical bills anywhere and anytime is
available in this portal. It easy to use, safe, secure and convenient for both the patients and
medical facilities.